Sunday, July 31, 2011

College Essentials- Vera Bradley Edition

With back to campus just around the corner we decided to highlight some of our best sellers for back to college!

The laundry bags are colorful, sturdy, + great for toting clothes to the laundry room at school (or bringing laundry home on the weekends!) These limited time items flew off our shelves in the first two days they were released and we're so happy to have some back in stock.

The laptop backpack is useful for carrying books, notebooks, laptop, etc. to classes! (also popular for books is the 'Vera' style bag)

Shower caddy + flip flops (shower shoes) are dorm room musts; the Vera Bradley ones are bright & adorable.

Lanyard & zip ID are ideal for carrying keys and holding a school ID. The mini hanging organizer is great for organizing cosmetics and will take up little space hanging in a dorm room or bathroom.

The XL duffle holds a lot of clothes, shoes, and accessories- ideal for carrying belongings back and forth from school!

The colorful note cube is perfect to jot down quick notes. A school agenda is essential for keeping track of homework, appointments, etc.

We hope to see you at the store soon- be sure to tell us your favorite back to school essentials!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hoo Hoo!

Owls are a big trend in jewelry and accessories right now. We happen to love them and it seems like owls are tucked in every corner of the store; here’s a few of our favorites:

[owl mini pocket watch necklace. business card holder. mr. owl necklace. stretchy rings. compact mirror. owl trinket 'celebrate wisdom' necklace. sparkly owl ring]

[close up of our owl rings]

[close up of mr. owl necklace + the owl business card holder]

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Launch Day!

On Thursday the Vera Bradley Fall 2011 patterns and styles came out and we had such a fun day at the store!

[safari-themed cupcakes to celebrate the new 'safari sunset' pattern]

[the "snail pail" was a facebook fans promotion celebrating the happy snails pattern]

[the mocha rouge vera bag reversed!]

[the vera bradley laundry bags were a huge hit]

[we had a little help from our friend mr. giraffe in promoting the 'safari sunset pattern']

[kathi was the winner of our raffle! she won a new 'chain bag' in the 'plum petals' pattern]

[the new vera bradley colors, photo c/o of vera bradley]

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Stationary that brightens your day

The Vera Bradley Fall 2011 stationary is too cute for words! I couldn't resist getting the Safari Sunset note cards, the bright hues add such a pop of color to my desk. Below are the Safari Sunset & Mocha Rouge note cards. Each pack comes with 12 cards + envelopes.

How cute are these giraffes?

The mocha rouge stationary mixes the pattern with three adorable vintage dress forms:

Everyone loves to get a handwritten card, especially when the cards are as adorable as these!